Paselec GS9 Electric Mountain Bike

Color: Black
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Paselec GS9 Electric Mountain Bike

Paselec GS9 Electric Mountain Bike


Paselec GS9 Electric Mountain Bike

Color: Black
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Great Value

Bike was easy to assemble and worked fine. I was having issues with chain slipping and reached out to support via email. I got a prompt response and was able to resolve the issue with their help. I get asked about the bike all the time, the motor is very punchy, its pretty easy to pedal without assist as well which is great. Overall love the bike and would recommend

Great bike for the money.

Had a lot of positive reviews and was not the cheapest or most expensive e bike on amazon so i gave it a shot. Bike arrived very well packed and fairly easy to assemble. I was pleasantly suprised when i first took off as i have never had or ridden a e-bike. It makes all the things i dont like about biking go away, power assist makes hills no problem, if you dont want to get sweaty just hit the throttle. Need to keep up with trafic or make a quicker start from a light hit the throttle. It rides and has about the same feel and geometry as my regular full supension bike so the manual biking feels good. Most of the time power assist 1 or 2 is adequate if you want to regular pedal bike and have the cpu kick drive in to assist when needed. i rode about 10 miles twice so far and my battery still shows full charge. My wife loves it and now rides it to work every decent weather day we get, prior she would ride maybe twice a year at most. DINGS- Minor but the seat is to firm and has the tail light built in, sucks cause every time you reach behind the seat it turns on the lights. i changed it out right away. rear shock has only one setting and it does not seem to realy do much, maybe to firm? there are no mud/rain fenders, it seems the wheels don't spin freely and rub a tad , probably due to shipping , so may need to do some adjustments. Over all quite happy.

Dariusz Czajkowski
Love the bike!

Outstanding bike, better shipping package. My wife and I were impressed with the quality of the bike. Great purchase

Pavan kumar
A winner.

There is no dislike in this and this is not a promoted review. Im an international student and bought this in Amazon. I got an issue recently with the bike and contacted the seller for help. To my shock, I never expected the response I got from him. I recommend this seller 200% for the product as well as for the parts. He replaced the display and help me through how to resolve it by my own by sharing a video. So from my end all I can help him in return with a review.
Thank you so much for help

Very nice choice for your 1st ebike.

Haven't been on a bicycle in over 12 years. What a long way they've come. I wasn't expecting anything even close to what came in this package.
A really solid feeling bike. Feel like it can take quite a few falls.
Assembly went smooth despite the very poor instructions. Bike still needs a bit of tuning on the shifter and brakes. Throttle control is an absolute blast. After charging fully, I took it on a joyride for about 9 miles, really stressing that throttle and motor. Upon arrival back home I still had about 3/4 battery. Was on Pedal Assist 2...but was really working that throttle. Averaged 13.4 mph throughout the ride (according to my Garmin tactix) and managed to top her out at 32.3 mph on the display at one point. What a fun ride. Neighbor tried her out for about 5 minutes. Guess he's getting an e bike now too. Fully recommended this brand and this bike. Hopefully won't get any of the bugs the bad reviews mention.

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