Our Story

The founder of the electric bike brand Paselec ,Henry ,was once an avid cyclist, known for his speed and endurance on the road. But a serious leg injury ended his cycling career, leaving him unable to ride the way he once had.

As he recovered from his injury, he began to lose hope that he would ever be able to enjoy the thrill of cycling again. But then, a new technology emerged that would change everything: The electric bicycle.

With an electric motor providing assist to his pedaling, Henry was able to ride again, feeling the wind in his face and the freedom of the open road.     He quickly realized that electric bikes were not only perfect for someone like him who had been injured, but also for older riders or anyone looking for a more enjoyable and accessible way to experience the joy of cycling.

Inspired by his own experience, Henry named his electric bike brand Paselec, which stands for "Pedal Assist Electric Cycle," and began manufacturing and selling his bikes to others who, like him, wanted to enjoy the benefits of cycling without the limitations of a physical injury. Paselec is a well-known and respected brand in the e-bike industry, and Henry's bikes are loved by riders of all ages and abilities.

He may have had to give up competitive cycling, but thanks to the invention of the e-bike, he has rediscovered his passion for cycling and is helping others to do the same. He plans to donate $1 from every e-bike he sells to a charitable foundation to help more people regain hope in cycling. Henryl's story is one of resilience and determination, and his passion for e-bikes has made a positive impact on the lives of many.